Our Simple Vacuum Cleaning Guide

Our Simple Vacuum Cleaning Guide

We bring you some tips from professional vacuum associates and engineers to help maintain your happy and healthy home.

    Backstrokes are Key

      You may think that vacuuming only forward like you've seen countless times either from your family, friends, or on TV is the correct way to do it. However, we are here to inform you that vacuuming only forward does not work.

      Yeah, you heard us right! As a matter of fact, vacuums remove the most dirt and debris from floors during the backstroke. 

      "The brushroll revolves in a forward direction, but it only sweeps the surface when going forward," says Tom Gasko, former docent of the Vacuum Cleaner Museum. "The real cleaning is done on the backstroke. That's why the vacuum will only raise the nap on the rug when coming backwards." He also recommends pulling the vacuum backwards at half the speed that you push it forward.

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        Switch it Up! 

          Like preparing your coffee, washing your hair, mowing the yard, or performing any other task regularly, you probably always vacuum in the same pattern.

          With vacuuming, you can't get your carpet, rugs, or bare floors completely spotless unless you alter the direction often. That's because you'll maximize your coverage and make sure no spot is missed.

          So if you normally clean one way, switch it up 90 degrees. Then go back to the original direction. It's simple, right?

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            Gravity is Queen

              Simply put, dust falls. When you clean, remember how gravity works. You must start from the top: ceiling corners, ceiling fans, door frames, etc. Then make your way down to the windows and shelves. Finally end your clean with the baseboards, corners and floors.

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              We hope this little guide will help you form some new habits to help you preserve the

              life of your floors and create a healthier home. Happy cleaning!

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