Simplicity Makes Vacuuming...a Chore Worth Fighting For!

Simplicity Makes Vacuuming...a Chore Worth Fighting For!

Ready to fight dirty? 

We've designed the perfect vacuum to make fast and easy clean-up for every kind of mess. You and your family will have good clean fun with any of our machines. 

The SV1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

All new from Simplicity, the SV1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a heavy-duty performer with extraordinary reach and onboard tools that helps you tackle all the tough messes that life throws you.

You will win the war on dirt with this ultimate cleaning machine. The SV1 has a durable, large-capacity cylinder. It strikes an impressive profile whenever you clean.

You'll get a 11 litre capacity bag made from HEPA 13 Media Filter, and that means you can clean a long time and rest easy knowing the dust is captured in the vacuum, not going back in the air.

The SV1 comes with a multi-floor tool, dusting brush, 2 aluminium wands, a crevice tool, and a 2-metre hose. This powerful cylinder vacuum will help you clean all the way.

Shop the SV1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner here.

SV1 Vacuum Cleaner

The S65 Stick Vacuum

Crumbs on the couch? Pet hair on stairs? Dirt on the mudroom floor? Run, don't walk to grab the S65 Simplicity vacuum. You'll have to fight the family for clean-up duty. This lightweight multi-tasker is a transformer. Zip through quick pick-ups with the low speed, hand-held option. Attach the stick to push through larger jobs on the higher speed. The S65 can take on your toddler. It is a powerful performer that can keep up with perpetual messes, so the clean fun doesn't need to end.

This compact cleaner tackles bare floors, fuzzy carpet, people and pet furniture, even your car! The S65 never met a surface or a job it couldn't conquer.

Designed to quickly, completely and easily confront big small, high, low or anything in between jobs, Simplicity makes vacuuming the coolest chore on the list. Take control over cleaning with Simplicity and tell your family to get their own chores; because with this kind of good, clean fun, the only thing you'll need to worry about is seizing the Simplicity first! We suggest making a clean break.

Shop the S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner here.

S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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