Why No Bag Is Better

Why No Bag Is Better

Vacuums without a bag – a.k.a. bagless vacuums – are better mainly because the big players in the vacuum industry have convinced you. But really, are they better?

To answer the question, we have a question: What do we mean by better?

Better value for your money? Better for your health? More convenient? Better for pets? Better for cars? Better for college kids? Great-grandmas? You can see that it all comes down to defining the word.

You know yourself, and therefore your definition of "better," better than anyone, so take this information and do what you please with it!

Bagless Benefits

  1. Think green. They’re eco-friendlier because no bag will be incorrectly disposed of!
  2. M.o.n.e.y. No need to buy bags!
  3. They’re extremely easy to empty.
  4. You can see right through them, so you’ll always know when they’re full.
  5. They’re typically very lightweight.
  6. They usually hold more.
  7. They’re more visually appealing.
  8. They offer an oh-so-satisfying feeling of seeing all the yuck you sucked up. Go you!

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