What's the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs?

What's the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs?

If you're reading this, it’s because you've accepted the fact that it's time to tackle your stairs. We know they're a pain, but here are a few tips to ensure you get the job done the first time!

First: you either need a vacuum with a long cord or one that's cordless. If you're lucky enough to have an outlet conveniently located near your stairs, this may not be a big issue. However, since stairs involve moving up, down, and often around turns, a cordless vacuum is ideal.

Next: it needs to be lightweight. We have a few options here. The average upright vacuum weighs between 13 and 18 pounds, but there are lightweight uprights that weigh around eight pounds. Find one of those with tools – and you’re good to go. Although, a powerful handheld would be more convenient – especially if it's cordless.

Third: it needs to be reliable. In theory, bigger vacuums have more suction power. This would, again, call to mind an upright lightweight vacuum. It weighs in at just 11 pounds. It does not come equipped with attachments, but they are not necessary. Don't fret because there are powerful, smaller vacuums on the market.

At Simplicity, we have a vacuum that is cordless, can be converted to handheld, and comes with multiple attachments including a tool purr-fect for tackling stairs – especially ones with carpet! That vacuum? The S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

Simply attach the Pet Tool to the handheld portion of the machine and vacuum away! The tool was designed with pets in mind, so you know the tool provides a deep, clean sweep with great suction for all kinds of purposes. AND it is equipped with a HEPA media filter meaning 99.97% of those icky particles are trapped for good!

S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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As always, thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

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