Are You a New Pet Owner?

Are You a New Pet Owner?

It seems to be the theme of these times: Adopting a pet! We’re maybe lonely or bored, so why not introduce a new member to the family? Adding a new pet to the mix means new responsibilities. There's potty training, taking walks, feeding them, and teaching them tricks.

Oh, and there's also cleaning - a lot of cleaning! Lucky for you, Simplicity Vacuums has the perfect vacuum! The S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, complete with the pet turbo brush, Eliminate pet hair on furniture, stairs, car upholstery, and area rugs. The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner gives you ultimate manoeuvrability and cleaning power. You'll be wondering what you ever do without it!

Shop the S65D Cordless Vacuum Cleaner here.

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