Do Vacuums Kill Spiders?

Do Vacuums Kill Spiders?

Have you ever wondered if the spider you just sucked up with your vacuum died, is attempting its escape through the hose, or laying eggs inside your vacuum? AHH! So, what’s the answer? Can you kill a spider by vacuuming it up? Yes. Sort of. Maybe. Whether vacuuming up a spider kills it or not depends on two things: the type of vacuum and the type of spider.

Let’s run through some scenarios:

  • Tiny spider: She’s toast! It’s most likely dead due to shock and trauma. Let the vacuum run for a little longer than needed just to be sure.
  • Giant spider: Don’t even worry about vacuuming it up; immediately run the other way. Consider asking the dog or cat for help.
  • Bagged vacuum: First, it must survive the spinning brush roll. If it survived the vacuum’s brush roll or if your vacuum doesn’t have a brush roll, the son of a gun just might have made it! If the bag is full, the density of dirt, dust, and hair is likely to suffocate the spider. It’s much harder for a spider to find its way out of a bag, and after a little time, the spider will eventually die of thirst. There’s also a chance that other critters are in there that can and will eat it. This would then become more than just a spider issue…
  • Bagless Vacuum: The spider has a much better chance of surviving. The good thing about this is that most bagless vacuums are clear and you can see through them. Simply look around for the spider. Remember that they are in shock after being vacuumed up, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dead. Wait for a little, and then triple-check for movement.

Let’s run through some solutions:

  • Vacuum up the spider using a handheld vacuum at a low speed. Cover the nozzle of the vacuum with a piece of cloth. Step outside and let the little guy run free!
  • When finished cleaning, dispose of the vacuum bag, if it has one. Replacement bags are rather inexpensive. If the spider somehow manages to crawl out of the bag, it’ll be in the rubbish bin!
  • If it’s bagless, empty and rinse out the dust cup.
  • Some people recommend vacuuming up a small amount of baby powder before and after vacuuming because this helps to suffocate them.

And remember, you can always just take a deep breath and step on the spider.


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